World Hepatitis Day is July 28th!

July 21, 2020

photo of a globe on a deskIn honor of World Hepatitis Day, Connections IN Health is spreading the word to find the “missing millions.” Worldwide, there are 325 million people living with Hepatitis. However, 290 million of these people are completely unaware of their infection.

Hepatitis is an inflammation of the liver that can be passed by a mother at childbirth, through unsafe injection practices, or by coming into contact with infected blood. However, this disease has very few recognizable signs and symptoms. For this reason, testing is of the utmost importance. With there being a cure for Hepatitis C as well as vaccines and treatment for Hepatitis B, ceasing the spread is possible. By spreading awareness and implementing testing, it is possible to stop this disease from claiming 4,000 lives a day.

July 28 is a day to take action and spread awareness of Hepatitis. To learn more about how you can help visit the World Health Organization website.

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Karen Hinshaw

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