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The CTSI Designated Cores are your aide to locate instrumentation and services suited to your research. A listing of the Cores, their capabilities, contact information, and website address can be found in the following categorical menu. All of these Cores are eligible for CTSI Core Pilot grants and Post-Doc grants

IU Bloomington
IU Indianapolis

[IUPUI] 3D Bioprinting Core (3DBPC)

[IUPUI] Advanced Biomedical IT Core

[IUPUI] Angio BioCore (ABC)

[IUPUI] Bioinformatics Core

[IUPUI] Biospecimen Management Core (CTSL/SSF)

[IUPUI] Biostatistics Core

[IUPUI] Center for Medical Genomics (CMG)

[IUPUI] Chemical Genomics Core Facility

[IUPUI] Clinical Pharmacology Analytical Core (CPAC)

[IUPUI] Electron Microscopy Center

[IUPUI] Flow Cytometry Resource Facility (FCRF)

[IUPUI] Genome Editing Center

[IUPUI] HANDS In Autism Interdisciplinary Training & Resource Center

[IUPUI] Histology and Histomorphometry Core (HHC)

[IUPUI] In Vivo Therapeutics Core (IVT)

[IUPUI] In-Vivo Imaging Core

[IUPUI] Indiana Center for Biological Microscopy (ICBM)

[IUPUI] Infectious Diseases Laboratory (IDL)

[IUPUI] Islet and Physiology Core

[IUPUI] Multiplex Analysis Core (MAC)

[IUPUI] Physical and Biochemistry Instrumentation Facility (PBIF)

[IUPUI] Proteomics Core

[IUPUI] Regenstrief Data Services

[IUPUI] Tissue Procurement and Distribution Core

[IUPUI] Translation Core

Purdue University
Notre Dame

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