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Asthma Medications and COVID-19

April 23, 2020

Asthma Medications and COVID-19


Untreated asthma symptoms can lead to dangerous consequences during the COVID-19 pandemic. Individuals with asthma should continue to take their medicine and follow their Asthma Action Plan.


Many people are concerned that inhaled or oral corticosteroids may weaken their immune systems. Steroids are not a risk for people with asthma and should be taken as prescribed.


Some may worry that antihistamines may suppress their immune system. This is not true, and there is no reason to believe that taking antihistamines would increase chances of contracting COVID-19.


If you are ill, using a nebulizer may spread COVID-19 through the air. However, not treating yourself is a much bigger risk to your health. To be safe, you should use your nebulizer as needed, but use it in a room alone or limit the number of people around when you use it.


Vaccines like the pneumococcal vaccine will protect you against pneumonia caused by certain bacteria, but it will not protect you from pneumonia caused by the COVID-19 virus.


Hoarding medications will limit the amount of medications available to other people. If you are concerned about running out while in quarantine, a 30-day supply should be plenty.

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