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Publishing your work is an important and exciting step towards translating your discoveries to new patient treatments!

Here is some guidance to help you with publication requirements.

NIH Public Access Policy

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) requires that all investigators funded by the NIH submit an electronic version of their final, peer-reviewed manuscripts upon acceptance for publication, to be made publicly available no later than 12 months after the official date of publication.  This submission should be made to the National Library of Medicine’s PubMed Central and submission will be assigned a PubMed Central ID (PMCID) Number.

PMCID Numbers are part of the mandatory Public Access Law and are required for citation in future NIH grant applications.

Lack of compliance with this law may result in a delay of the Notice of Award. Additionally, anyone submitting an application, proposal or report to the NIH must include the PMC reference number (PMCID) when citing applicable papers.

Please note that PMCID numbers are different from PubMed ID (PMID) numbers.

Publications supported by the Indiana CTSI can be submitted via the NIH Manuscript Submission System.

For more information on NIH Public Access requirements, please visit the NIH Public Access Policy Site.

Citing the Indiana CTSI

For each publication that results from CTSA-supported research, grantees MUST include an acknowledgment of CTSA grant support and a disclaimer. This policy is applicable to individuals whose salary, education or research activities are funded all or in part by Indiana CTSI directly or via institutional match funds, and whose work on the cited project is in support of activities related to Indiana CTSI.

The Indiana CTSI provides easy citation statements for your convenience.  Please visit our Citing Indiana CTSI page for citation statements listed by award type.

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