Community Health Partnerships

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Our Mission

Improve the health of Indiana residents through community-university partnerships

Our Vision

In order to fulfill our mission, we see our work through the following lenses:
We improve health by solving problems together where we live, work, learn, and play.
We create and support teams of community and university partners working together for mutual benefit and growth by combining their unique strengths, attributes, and resources to improve health for the people of Indiana.
Bringing Science to Life
Our partnerships generate new knowledge and use the best evidence to create visionary solutions to improve health.

Our Values

Impact   •   Diversity   •   Equality   •   Trust   •   Respect   •   Mutual Benefit   •   Creativity

Join Our Network

Community Health Partnerships  is the community engagement arm of the Indiana CTSI. We support teams of community and university partners working together to improve health and bring science to life across Indiana.

What We Do

We host networking and training events, offer an annual pilot grant program (Trailblazer Award and Trailblazer Planning Grant), and provide direct guidance to people who would like help in community engaged research. Our network includes hundreds of individuals who represent public agencies, private organizations, and non-profits who have a hand in solving existing health problems and addressing factors that contribute to poor health. The partnerships we have supported include those addressing diabetes, obesity, food insecurity, and infant mortality.

Community Health Partnerships…

NETWORKS with our 600+ stakeholders in health across Indiana by hosting annual & regional events and sharing grant announcements and newsletters
PARTNERS with statewide community health initiatives (Connections IN Health) to learn best practices and share what works
SUPPORTS pilot projects in community-engaged research with our annual Trailblazer Award and Trailblazer Planning Grant
TRAINS researchers and community members in best practices for community-engaged research
CONSULTS with individuals interested in community-engaged research to find partners, develop and implement projects, and disseminate findings
ENGAGES patients and other stakeholders to address research barriers using human-centered research methods with Research Jam

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