Purdue CRC Facilities2023-04-13T16:49:43-04:00

Purdue's CRC Metabolic KitchenThe center is located in Stone Hall. The facility is comprised of 7,024 sq-ft of research space belonging to the Department of Nutrition Science, including:

  • A fully equipped metabolic research kitchen; a clinical/body composition room, with four hospital-style beds, hydrostatic weighing tank, and whole body plethysmography.
  • Three indirect calorimetry energy expenditure systems, breath hydrogen analyzer, and biological specimen processing and storage area with a refrigerated centrifuge, refrigerator, -80 freezer, and computer.
  • Interview/clinical/office rooms, with two hospital style-beds, electrocardiogram, blood pressure monitors, stadiometer, platform body weight scale, furniture for ten phlebotomy and catheterization stations, and a Bod Pod.Purdue's CRC Metablic Lab
  • A bone measurement area, with dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry and peripheral quantitative computerized tomography instruments.
  • A diet assessment area equipped with two individual offices for consultation, four workstations with computers, phone headsets, and sound barriers. The gold standard University of Minnesota Nutrition Data System for Research (NDSR) state of the art software is utilized for data entry and analysis

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