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The Indiana CTSI Clinical Research Center at Purdue conducts both adult and pediatric protocols.

Purdue Clinical Research Centers
Purdue Clinical Research Centers

There are two centers located in Stone Hall & Lyles-Porter Hall at Purdue University. Facilities comprise 12,000-sq-ft of contiguous research facilities belonging to the Department of Nutrition Science, including:

  • A fully equipped metabolic research kitchen; a clinical/body composition room, with four hospital-style beds, hydrostatic weighing tank, and whole body plethysmography.
  • Three indirect calorimetry energy expenditure systems, several infusion pumps, breath hydrogen analyzer, and biological specimen processing and storage area with a refrigerated centrifuge, refrigerator, freezer, refractometer, and computer.
  • Interview/clinical/office rooms, with two hospital-style beds, electrocardiogram, blood pressure monitors, stadiometer, platform body weight scale, and furniture for eight phlebotomy and catheterization stations.
  • A bone measurement area, with dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry and peripheral quantitative computerized tomography instruments.

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