The Indiana CTSI is committed to partnering with the people of Indiana to improve health in our state. That’s why we offer a wide variety of community-facing programs, such as Community Health Partnerships, and resources related to health and research that community-engaged researchers and community organizations are encouraged to utilize.


With more than 600 community- and university-based stakeholders across Indiana, the Community Health Partnerships program hosts statewide and regional events to allow people to connect, share experiences and learn from health experts. In addition, this network contributes to and receives monthly newsletters about events and funding opportunities. Community Health Partnerships shares what it is working on, as well as what others are working on. We would love to have you join us at our events and promote ways people can get involved with your organization.

Coalition Development Assistance

By partnering with community health coalitions to learn and share best practices with other coalitions across the state, Community Health Partnerships creates integration and coordination of efforts to increase the capacity of community health coalitions.

Support for Community-Engaged Research Projects

Community Health Partnerships offers support for small, community-engaged research projects with its Trailblazer and Firestarter awards. These awards offer financial support at $25,000 for Trailblazer Awardees and $5,000 for Firestarter Awardees, as well as access to resources in statistics, ethics, grant writing and communication. The emphasis of these awards is on community-university partnerships.


The Indiana CTSI offers education and training programs for students, researchers and community members in community-engaged research. We offer internships, mentorship opportunities and events.

Fostering Community-University Partnerships

The Community Health Partnerships program offers partner finding for researchers and/or community members looking for a collaborator from the community or university setting. We reference through our statewide network to suggest possible connections that align with your community-engaged work, research interests and goals.

Community-Engaged Research Consultations

Indiana CTSI community-engaged research experts can provide advice and support for the development, implementation and dissemination of research findings. We love to talk through ideas and assist in any way possible.

Engagement of Patients and Other Stakeholders

The Community Health Partnerships program offers resources and expertise for patient engagement efforts to improve research and health using human-centered design. Our interdisciplinary team, Research Jam (also known as the Patient Engagement Core), works with doctors, patients and community members to ensure that health research, programs and communications are relevant to the communities they aim to serve.

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