Project Development Teams

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The Indiana CTSI Project Development Teams (PDTs) provide investigators access to experts who can help implement high-quality pilot projects that generate successful external grant submissions.

There are currently seven Project Development Teams within the Indiana CTSI:

  1. Behavioral & Population Sciences: Supports behavioral and population science research projects, including epidemiological research, clinical interventions and access to patients, families, and communities.
  2. Community & Urban Health: Supports translational research relating to how to improve health outcomes and promote sustainability in urban environments. Strengths include epidemiology, sociology, and visual communications.
  3. Concepts to Clinic: Supports a wide range of research projects, including those on the path from basic science and/or animal models to all phases of clinical trials.
  4. Diagnostics & Therapeutic Development: Provides access to core resources at the University of Notre Dame. Strengths include biochemistry, psychology, and mathematics.
  5. Human Health & Biomedical Technology: Provides access to core resources at Purdue University. Strengths include regulatory issues and intellectual property concerns.
  6. Networks, Complex Systems & Health: Supports network science and complex systems research with a health-related focus. Strengths include survey research, social and biological networks, and statistical methodology.
  7. Pediatric Sciences: Supports multidisciplinary clinical and translational research projects in pediatric populations.

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