Clinical Research Staff Education

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The Indiana CTSI Clinical Research Staff Eduction provides Clinical Research education for every level of research staff…from beginner to advanced practice!

Currently, we offer four levels of training for Clinical Research staff.  Our monthly trainings are offered at 2 locations and include CME credits (excluding our Level 1 Training).

We provide mandated education for beginner research staff in addition to the application process for Advance Practice Staff.

Discover more about each Level of Training offered by the Indiana CTSI:

Level One:

This is an educational program for “trainees” (e.g., newly-hired staff or those staff new to research). All staff members who work as resource coordinators/assistants on human subjects studies are welcome to attend. However, attendance at this program is mandatory for IUSM staff who are newly-hired as Research Coordinators in the following job classifications: (PAEHE; PAO2RS; PAE3RS; PAE4RS).

Level Two:

This program is designed for “beginner” Research Coordinators and will focus on the basics of clinical research. Program attendance is highly recommended for IUSM staff working as Research Coordinators in the following job classifications (PAEHE; PAO2RS; PAE3RS; PAE4RS) and should be within the first six to twenty-four months of employment.

Level Three:

This program aims to cultivate an advanced understanding of clinical research topics. Attendance at this program is available to participants with a minimum of three years of experience in clinical research and via an application process. Participation is not mandatory.

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