i2b2- Electronic Medical Record Query Tool

i2b2- Electronic Medical Record Query Tool2023-03-30T11:57:45-04:00

Integrating Biology & the Bedside (i2b2) is a web-based tool for de-identified clinical data queries.

Locally, i2b2 queries a Clinical Data Warehouse populated with de-identified data such as lab results, diagnoses and medications from Eskenazi Health and Indiana University Health.

The i2b2 Query Tool is provided by the Regenstrief Institute in partnership with the Indiana CTSI.

i2b2 can:

  • Quickly determine the feasibility of conducting a research study or clinical trial
  • Iteratively improve hypothesis generation by modifying your own searches
  • Identify patient cohorts for potential recruitment.

What should I know about i2b2?

  • Over 2.2 billion combined total observations of clinical data from Eskenazi Health and IU Health
  • Eskenazi and IU Health data are stored in one location, however, i2b2 users can query one institution or the other by an additional element to their query which signifies IU Health or Eskenazi patients.  This “facility” identifier can be found under the “Encounter” search criteria.
  • IU Health contains various IU Health facilities such as University, Methodist, North, West, Arnett, etc.
  • Usable clinical data begins in 2010 and includes up to date data  ~1 month behind the time of your query
  • Contains a wide variety of clinical labs, diagnoses, procedures, medications and demographic data stored as discrete data fields
  • Create complex searches based on time, number of occurrences, diagnoses, etc. concomitantly or ordinally
  • Searches can be separated by encounter type (i.e. inpatient, outpatient, ED)

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