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The Indiana Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute (CTSI) offers broad recruitment support for clinical and translational research at Indiana University, Purdue University and the University of Notre Dame including the following programs and services:
Recruitment Plan Assistance and Consultation
The Subject Enrollment and Research Volunteer Engagement (SERVE) program assists investigators with evaluating recruitment plans and identifying resources to enhance a study’s design for success. The SERVE team is comprised of experts in recruitment, informatics, marketing, social media, design and community engagement. Learn more about best practices for Participant Payments
Resource Guidelines Participant Payments
and best practices for Participant Engagement
Resource Guidelines Participant Engagement
Contact for more information.
Digital Marketing Consultation and Support
The All IN for Health program offers marketing support for digital channels, including organic and paid social media efforts, e-newsletter and blog promotion. Contact for more information.
 Volunteer Registry: All IN for Health
Registry of primarily Indiana Residents who have signed up to be notified of research studies for which they may be eligible. When used internally, All IN for Health can also provide:

  • Cohort identification
  • Email Outreach
  • Database access

Contact for more information.

Volunteer Registry: ResearchMatch
National Registry of persons interested in participating in research. Available to all Indiana CTSI investigators through Vanderbilt University. Learn more about ResearchMatch.
Online study listing: All IN for Health iConnect
iConnect provides investigators with a webpage describing their study, eligibility criteria, and contact information. In addition, iConnect provides investigators the ability to customize the study information to include:

  • Study pre-screener
  • Customized webpage and brochure
  • Marketing Assistance
  • Tracking of participant referrals

Contact for more information.

iConnect Trainings: Office of Clinical Research
The iConnect training encompasses the participant experience utilizing the application, as well as that of the Researcher experience managing the clinical listings. Contact for more information.
Adult Recruitment Assistance: ResNet
Since 2000, the Indiana CTSI Research Network (ResNet) has assisted our investigators in more than 69 studies, recruiting more than 15,000 patients! ResNet provides investigators with guidance and, if needed, support for recruiting IU Health and Ezkenazi Health patients into clinical research studies. Learn more about ResNet.
Pediatric Recruitment Assistance : PResNet
With extensive experience in research with children and families, the Pediatric Research Network (PResNet) offers a flexible range of services to university investigators including:

  • Recruitment and data collection (hablamos español),
  • Overall study coordination, and
  • Data and IRB management

Learn more about PResNet.

Pharmaceutical & Device Clinical Research Services: Enterprise Clinical Research Organization (ECRO)
The ECRO Clinical Research Group is comprised of 13 registered nurses who manage both the administrative and clinical aspects of pharmaceutical and device research trials. From contract negotiation and IRB protocol submission to the enrollment of subjects, the collection of data and study close out, the clinical research nurses provide total hands-on service. Contact ECRO.
Biospecimen Collection: Indiana Biobank
Since 2014, the Indiana Biobank has recruited patients and collected biological samples for more than 75 studies. The Indiana Biobank works with researchers to design sample collection from specific, often, rare phenotypes. Patients are recruited at both IU Health and Eskenazi facilities. Learn more about the Indiana Biobank.
Pharmacy Research: RxSafeNet
The Medication Safety Research Network of Indiana (Rx-SafeNet) is a state-wide community pharmacy practice-based research network (PBRN). Learn more about RxSafeNet.
Feasibility & Identification of Patients in Electronic Medical Records: Regenstrief Institute
Information provided by Regenstrief Institute utilizing INPC, IU Health electronic warehouse database, and Eskenazi Health electronic data. Learn more about Regenstrief data services.
Research Jam: Patient Engagement Core
Explore, create and test approaches to study design and communication model through human-centered design research. Patient and community member insights are used to improve research, health services, and quality of life; and visual communication services are available to communicate science to the public. Learn more about Research Jam.
Community Health Partnerships Network
Leverage a network of stakeholders representing government, public health, industry, non-profit community-based organizations and university partners from across the state to identify potential collaboration and dissemination of your research. Learn more about the Community Health Partnerships Network.
Connections IN Health
Work with four statewide chronic disease initiatives (Indiana Joint Asthma Coalition, Health Equity and Cancer Control, Hoosier Health and Wellness Alliance, Cardiovascular and Diabetes Coalition of Indiana) to identify potential collaboration and dissemination of your research. Learn more about Connections IN Health.
Online Survey & Database Utilization for Recruitment, Consent, and Data Capture: REDCap
Assistance in collecting information, obtaining e-consent, and tracking data all through one electronic mechanism. Can create a link to screen participants and then direct them to a consent. Can also set up follow-up measures to be sent at
specific time points. Contact REDCap.
Recruitment Collaborations with Other CTSAs
The Indiana CTSI collaborates with a variety of consortiums that provide an opportunity for an investigator to find study collaborators at various research institutions. The goals of these collaborations is to provide effective and efficient processes for multi-site research collaboration from feasibility through study implementation and result publication. Two such collaborations are the MidWest Area Research Consortium in Health (MARCH) and the PCORI Great Plains Network (GPN). Contact for more information.
Recruitment Innovation Center (RIC): Component of the CTSA Trial Innovation Network
The Recruitment Innovation Center can provide support related to strategies for recruitment and retention of study subjects. It is focused on becoming a successful, evidence-based center in recruitment and retention strategies in order to improve both the quality of future clinical trials and to raise awareness of the value of research thereby increasing trial enrollment and health outcomes across America. Contact for more information.

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