Connections IN Health Committee: Healthy Schools Action Team2020-11-30T12:16:15-05:00

The Healthy Schools Action Team

Mission: The Healthy Schools Action Team is a group of organizations that work in partnership with Indiana schools to create healthier environments where all can thrive.

Values: The Healthy Schools Action Team creates healthier school environments through

  • Collaboration: Encouraging and assisting in building lasting partnerships among organizations and local education agencies as they strive to improve the health of their students.
  • Whole Child Awareness: Utilizing the Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child model as a tool to further integrate a student centered learning environment.
  • Health Equity and Access: Addressing barriers to accessing resources related to physical, emotional, and behavioral health wellness.
  • Advocacy: Changing the culture and climate of the school environment through education and empowerment.

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