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Feasibility Study

Investigators complete a simple form providing basic study criteria. The Indiana Biobank, in collaboration with the CTSI Data Core, will estimate the number of samples in the Indiana Biobank meeting the investigator’s criteria. A feasibility study is typically completed in less than a week. There is no cost associated with a feasibility request. Contact the Indiana Biobank for more information:

Custom Collection

Researchers may require a particular patient population not already available in the Indiana Biobank or they may require samples other than DNA (i.e. RNA, plasma, serum). The Indiana Biobank offers a custom collection service which provides targeted recruitment of subjects meeting specific study requirements. The investigator can either provide the sample processing protocol or can use approved protocols in place in the Indiana Biobank.

Placing a Sample Order

Researchers can place a request for samples either online or with the Indiana Biobank coordinator. To receive samples and data, investigators must have an IRB-approved protocol and must complete either an Internal Transfer Agreement (ITA) if they are an Indiana University investigator or a Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) if they are not an Indiana University investigator.

For more information about samples and available data, please contact:

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