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What is the Independent Investigator Incubator Program?

The Independent Investigator Incubator (I3) Program provides early career faculty a unique mentoring experience. The I3 program aims to help scientists generate cutting-edge research by enhancing their career development, assisting them in securing research funding and helping them to translate and disseminate their research findings.

Founded by Aaron Carroll, MD, the program has engaged a large number of experienced senior faculty members who have successful track records in securing extramural grant funding and who are passionate about mentoring. The mentors (pictured below) are committed to taking a long-term interest in the successful careers of those they agree to mentor.

Through strong mentorship relationships, the I3 program will help to enhance skills that are not solely unique to a specific scientific discipline, such as navigating faculty life, grant writing, and research project management.

Unlike other more traditional mentoring programs, where mentors and mentees are matched based on similar areas of expertise, the I3 program mentors actually select the scholars.

Special thanks to former mentors: Stephanie Davis, MD, James McAteer, PhD, Senthilkumar Sadhasivam, MD, and Mervin Yoder MD

Grant Writing Mentors:

All mentees are also matched with a grant writing mentor who provides 1:1 assistance around writing and facilitate grant writing workshops.

What I3 provides:

  • Significant one-on-one time and professional support from an established faculty mentor.
  • Grant writing and development mentorship
  • Exclusive access to professional development workshops
  • Access to biostatistical support

Who can participate?

Any early career faculty member from an Indiana CTSI-affiliated school who has:

  • Adequate protected research time.
  • Made a commitment to actively engage in the program.
  • Determined they want to pursue a career as an independent investigator.
  • Support from their affiliated institution.

How to Apply:

To participate in the Independent Investigator Incubator Program, those interested should complete the following:

  1. Submit their Curriculum Vitae (CV) and a brief, one-page personal statement describing their research interests and career goals by filling out this online application form.
  2. Complete this baseline survey.

Once these are completed, the program leadership will review the materials and be in touch with you about next steps.

What Ialumni are saying

“I didn’t fully appreciate all of the skills needed to be a successful faculty member. Initially I was completely focused on my research program, but as I progress towards tenure, I’m realizing that there’s a lot more to it than just securing funding and publishing papers. My participation in I3 has definitely helped develop my skills in mentoring, teaching, and service.”
Stacey Gilk, PhD
“My I3 mentor was always available and helped me through all the negotiation phases for my start-up package. His help was precious and made this complicated and critical phase of a young faculty’s career significantly easier and more enjoyable!”
Andrea Bonetto, PhD
“The I3 mentoring program has provided critical support for new faculty like myself – including the fundamentals of grant writing, novelty of experimental approaches, and identification of critical networking/collaborative opportunities. I believe such support will be crucial for the success of junior faculty.”
Kok Lim Kua, MD

For more information about the I3 program, read this published journal article and view this poster.

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