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Indiana CTSI K-12 STEM Program

The Indiana CTSI K-12 STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) program aims to develop a pathway for future scientists through organizing and supporting several summer research programs for high school students.

CTSI SEED/STEM Summer Program

The SEED/STEM program provides a summer experience for students from all backgrounds who want to explore a career in any of the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics fields, such as medicine, dentistry, computer science, information technology, life sciences, chemistry, biomedical engineering and more. Our program integrates with a long-standing program run in conjunction with the American Chemical Society – Project SEED.

Program Basics:  Students are accepted into the program based on their a wholistic review of their application, letter of recommendation, and interview. Accepted students are matched with a research faculty who host and mentor them in their labs over the summer (8 weeks; early June to late July). Students work in laboratories at Indiana University School of Medicine, Indiana University Indianapolis (IUI), the Indiana Bioscience Research Institute (IBRI) and Eli Lilly.

Aishat Audu and Anna Martin interned in the ACS Project SEED program at Eli Lilly and Company during high school through the Indiana Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute.

The experience prepared and encouraged them to study science in college. Learn more.

As a training ground for future careers, it is a full-time experience for the students, Monday-Friday, ~8 hours a day. The expectation is that students are engaged the entire program (we cannot accommodate students taking significant time off during the program).

Students currently in grades 10, 11 and 12 are prioritized.  In some circumstances, students currently in 9th grade may be accepted.

Stipends (up to $4,000) are provided to eligible individuals (as determined by the program staff).

2024 Application:  The application has three parts, all of which must be completed and submitted by March 1, 2024.

Student application:
Click here for the student application
This is the main application and must be completed first. It asks questions about courses in school, interests, and other activities/experiences.

Parent information:
Click here for the Parent Information Form
This information page is for parents to fill out and should be completed after the student application.

Click here for the Recommendation Form
This is a submission site for someone who can recommend the student (typically a teacher or coach). The student should reach out to an individual and then provide this link for them to complete.

Acceptance decisions will be made in April/May of 2024 with a target start date of the program being June 3, 2024.

Applicants who are determined by the program staff to be eligible will be contacted (after the March 1 deadline) to discuss an additional application process which will provide avenues for future scholarship opportunities throughout college.

Student stipends are possible in part through generous donor support. To help provide opportunities for the next generation of science professionals, please consider giving to the K-12 STEM Program, fund. Give Now

For questions on any of these programs and other opportunities available through the Indiana CTSI K-12 STEM program, contact ctsipath@iu.edu.

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