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As recommended by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, every person with asthma should have an “Asthma Action Plan.” This plan not only provides information on your asthma but also instructions on how to manage your symptoms. Key features Read More
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Strong emotions are part of life. We laugh, we get angry, we fear, we get excited. How we manage these emotions, on the other hand, is up to us. Strong emotions are well-known triggers of asthma. The emotion itself is Read More
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July brings heat and humidity. For many, this can mean an overly hot day of gardening or an extra sunny barbeque. For those with asthma, a hot and humid July day means asthma symptoms. There are several asthma triggers, and Read More
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Did you know? Scientists have found a link between breathing-related sleep disturbances and cardiovascular problems, such as high blood pressure an insulin sensitivity. If you have asthma, getting plenty of rest can protect your heart! If you’re constantly coughing or Read More
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For people living with asthma, the benefits of fresh air can’t be understated — especially when it comes to the home. Unfortunately, indoor air is often stale and dry and can contain pollutants that exacerbate asthma symptoms. Household cleaning products, Read More
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If you have asthma, you should have an Asthma Action Plan. Asthma Action Plans help you prevent and control asthma attacks. The first step is to meet with your primary care provider. Your primary care provider, or a provider familiar Read More
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Parents of children with asthma may have concerns about how COVID-19 could affect their child. Children with asthma tend to have more severe symptoms from respiratory diseases like the flu. However, there are no indications that this is always the Read More
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The World Health Organization and Connections IN Health are focusing on tobacco use prevention among youth and raising awareness on the importance of how and why the industry seeks to attract young people. We need to be as healthy as Read More
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Air pollution is harmful to everyone’s health. It can be especially dangerous for those who have asthma because it can trigger asthma attacks.  Early studies have suggested that high levels of air pollution may be linked to worse outcomes from Read More
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Stress can be an asthma trigger. Here are ways to reduce stress while at home. Practice deep breathing exercises regularly. Learn why breathing exercises are important and how to complete them from the American Lung Association. Exercise every day. If Read More

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