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Indiana CTSI logo

Indiana CTSI logoAt the Indiana CTSI, we use our tricolor honeycomb logo as the signature element of our visual identity. The tricolor design represents the collaborative work of Indiana University, Purdue University and University of Notre Dame researchers and staff as part of our institute.

Indiana CTSI units and programs must use this logo in all of their communications and marketing efforts, which should be shared with the central communications team for final approval.

Download the logo

The preferred method of using the Indiana CTSI logo is the tricolor, vertical version pictured above. A more horizontal tricolor version is also available.

The logo should appear on a white background with the correct white space (see above) surrounding it.

>> Indiana CTSI logos

Download branded templates

Need quick, brand-compliant communications materials? We’ve done the work for you. Find templates for Indiana CTSI letterhead, as well as poster and Powerpoint presentations.

>> Indiana CTSI templates

Use the font

The Indiana CTSI uses Calibri as our primary font to remain unified and cohesive. Calibri is a standard Microsoft font and should be readily available on your devices.

Use the color palette

The Indiana CTSI’s core colors are IU crimson, Purdue gold and Notre Dame blue to reflect our affiliation with each university. CMYK, RGB, and hex color values are meant for different mediums, so please choose the appropriate value for your piece.

IU Crimson Purdue Gold Notre Dame Blue
C0 M100 Y65 K34
R169 G5 B51
C2 M22 Y100 K12
R177 G129 B11
C100 M76 Y12 K70
R12 G35 B64

Update your email signature

All Indiana CTSI employees should have cohesive email signatures. We ask that you follow the format of the example below:

Email signature sample

Your email signature should be Calibri, your name should be 12pt font and the rest of your signature should be 10pt font. You should bold your name and title. For ease, download, copy and paste the example from the word document at the link below and enter your information. You can also download the two logo combinations at the link below.

>>> Indiana CTSI templates

If you have a special case, for example; you may work for only Indiana CTSI or IU School of Medicine; please contact Jess West, Visual Designer and Digital Marketer for the Indiana CTSI at, for guidance.

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