A Note from the Co-Directors – November 2021

November 19, 2021

Indiana CTSI co-directors

Dear all,

In this month’s top story, you will read about the accomplishments of one of our KL2 Scholars and discover the breadth and innovation of our 2021 KL2 Scholars’ research projects. Before you do, we want to share what it means to be a KL2 Scholar, what KL2 Scholars achieve, and why Scholar awards are so beneficial.

To begin, the term KL2 is not an acronym, but instead a grant award identifier issued by the National Institutes of Health who provides the funding for all KL2 Scholars nationwide. KL2 Scholars are those who have received these awards. Those eligible are scientists who have recently received their MD or doctoral degree (e.g., PhDs, PharmDs, DVMs), are on faculty at our partner universities of Indiana University, Purdue University or University of Notre Dame, and are interested in pursuing careers in clinical and translational research. Clinical and translational research advances findings from the lab bench to the patient or from the patient onto the broader population.

Our Indiana CTSI KL2 Scholar Program provides formal research training and mentorship in clinical and translational science. KL2 Scholars receive partial salary support and protected time to conduct research, funding for a research pilot project, and travel funds to attend the annual national meeting of the Clinical and Translational Science Awards Program. We also provide our KL2 Scholars with a number of opportunities throughout the year to present their research findings and to network with peers and senior scientists, locally and nationally, working in the clinical and translational sciences. We are proud of our KL2 Scholars and are excited to share some of their work with you.

We recognize you may know someone who could qualify to receive a KL2 Scholar Award. If so, please read this month’s top story to find out more, including how to apply.

Sarah and Sharon
Co-directors, Indiana Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute

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