A Note from the Co-Directors – October 2021

October 22, 2021

Indiana CTSI co-directors

Dear all,

Since becoming the leaders of the Indiana CTSI just over a year ago, we have both been amazed at how little is known about the CTSI. We met with leaders and employees of local life science organizations, health systems, government officials, as well as faculty from our partner institutions of IU, Purdue and University of Notre Dame, and often heard the comment, “We didn’t know you did all of that!”

Through this month’s newsletter, we hope to change that response to one where readers not only understand the totality of all that we have to offer here at have the Indiana Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute (CTSI), to one where you will also feel compelled to take advantage of our funding, programs and services. Yes, we said funding! In this month’s issue you will read about more than a dozen funding opportunities we have available to support research of all kinds. From research involving community partnerships with academia, to predoctoral and postdoctoral candidates looking to pursue careers in research, and seed money to foster new ideas, we have funding available for you to pursue.

In addition to the financial support the Indiana CTSI provides, you will read more in this month’s newsletter about the variety of services we have to offer. Specifically, our Indiana Biobank has COVID-19 samples available for researchers, plus our i2b2 software is available to accelerate clinical and genomic findings into new diagnostics and therapeutics. We also offer a communicating science program that helps scientists explain their research to colleagues, media, and members of the public, a vital skill to ensuring broad understanding of the impact research makes. Through this month’s newsletter you will also learn how the funding we have provided is translating into important scientific advancements through the story sharing a link between COVID-19 and bone loss, as well as a potential new pathway for treating seizures in people with autism.

We hope you learn more in this month’s issue and decide to engage with us.

Sarah and Sharon
Co-directors, Indiana Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute

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