Opportunity to Partner with IU Occupational Therapy

There is an exciting opportunity to partner with the Indiana University School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences Department of Occupational Therapy as they launch their Doctor of Occupational Therapy Program.  An integral aspect of the program is the development of an independent scholarly project and an advanced-skill doctoral experience. What does that mean? It means that the graduate students in the program will work with community partners to learn and serve at the same time. Community partners are foundations and businesses servicing populations in need as well as clinical sites providing rehabilitation services. The objective of the doctoral experiential is to gain advanced skills and conduct a project in areas such as research, program development, leadership, and advocacy.
The doctoral experience takes place at the end of an intensive three-year program and lasts for four months (full-time). The student works with a site mentor (content expert) and faculty to develop and carry out their project. This is a great opportunity for community organizations to partner with IU occupational therapy and help students gain advanced skills to participate in community-based programs. Please contact Dr. Christine Kroll, Director of Pre-Doctoral Residency & Fieldwork, to discuss this opportunity.

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