Research service cores moving to a new management software called iLab

December 15, 2020

The Indiana Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute (CTSI) is supported by designated research service cores. These facilities offer cutting-edge scientific services, enable access to high-end equipment, advanced technologies, and specialized expertise for investigators. The Indiana CTSI has selected iLab Core Facility Management software as the enterprise-wide core facility management system for all research service cores.  The migration from the previous software called Core Ordering and  Reporting Enterprise System (CORES) to the iLab system started early this year. Phase one of the iLab implementation is expected to be completed this month.

iLab Core Facility Management software is a web-based management service designed to provide a unique platform for core facilities to efficiently support the management of service requests, equipment scheduling, project tracking, communication, billing, and reporting. The new software allows the research community to  access core facilities through one centralized portal that is easy to navigate and is accessible from anywhere  investigators work.

“Using iLab, Indiana CTSI investigators can gain access to research service cores located at Indiana University, Purdue University or the University of Notre Dame,” said Padma Portonovo, director of Indiana CTSI service cores. “They can also use iLab to request services and reserve equipment time.”

In Phase I of the iLab implementation, research service cores using the CORES system are being transitioned to the iLab system with like-for-like functionality to continue their day-to-day functions until the CORES system is retired at the end of  2020. Phase II of the implementation will start in January 2021, and focus on implementing add on modules.  For questions on the iLab system, please email

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