Showcasing Indiana CTSI abstracts accepted to NCATS Spring CTSA Program Meeting

May 19, 2020

The 2020 NCATS Spring CTSA Program Meeting last month was held online instead of in-person, in light of the ongoing novel coronavirus public health emergency.

This month, we’re showcasing Indiana Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute posters and abstracts that were accepted for the meeting, but not able to be presented due to the poster presentation cancellation. The people who submitted research include:

  • Omolola Adeoye-Olatunde: Positive Deviants for Medication Therapy Management: A Mixed-Methods Comparative Case Study of Community Pharmacy Practices
  • Chen Chen, “Phenotypic Characterization of Dysmenorrhea: A Pilot Study”
  • Hannah Corman, “Investigation of a Series of 1,4-diaryl-pyrazolo-pyridinones as Anti-Leishmanial Agents”
  • Christine Drury, “Indiana Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute (CTSI) – CTSA-wide podcast opportunity”
  • Guido Espana, “Creating synthetic populations to enable realistic simulations of dengue vaccine trials using an agent-based model”
  • Jessica Hall, “All IN for Health”
  • Heba Ismail, “Evaluating the Effect of Prebiotics on the Gut Microbiome Profile and Beta-cell Function in Newly-Diagnosed Type 1 Diabetes”
  • Grant Keller, “Determinants of Antigenicity in Tumor Neoepitopes for the Development of Personalized/Multiple Peptide Vaccines”
  • Sarah Libring, “Understanding ECM-Based Drug Resistivity in Breast Cancer”
  • Andrea Lobene, “Twenty-four-hour Urinary Sodium Excretion Estimated from a Spot Urine Sample May Be Used as an Indicator of Intake in CKD Patients”
  • Tyler Nguyen, “Magneto-electric nanoparticles (MENs) cobalt ferrite-barrium titanate (CoFe2O4–BaTiO3) for non-invasive neuromodulation and its application in neuropathic pain”
  • Elmer Sanders, “Building a Translational Science pipeline: The Indiana CTSI STEM K-12 Program”
  • April Savoy, “Closing the Cross-institutional Referral Loop: Applying Human Factors to Improve Consultation Notes”

Read abstracts and see scientific posters that would have been presented during the spring meeting here. 

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