The MTP Program provides two unique funding opportunities for investigators.

MTP Service Grant

The MTP service grant support early drug discovery pre-clinical studies for ADME-toxicology studies for lead compounds through Indiana CTSI alliance with Covance Inc., Q2 Solutions, Albany Molecular Research Inc., and Eurofins. MTP service proposals are reviewed by the MTP advisory committee as well as through ad hoc, project-specific pharmaceutical expert reviewers.
Our list of drug development services includes:  Ames toxicity screening; Oral Gavage Pilot Toxicity Study; Toxicity and Toxicokinetic study; hERG; Screening Package (Membrane Permeability and P group Assessment, Metabolic Stability, and Rat PK); Membrane Permeability and P-group Assessment; Metabolic Stability; Rat PK; Rat Cassette PK; Dose Formulation Optimization.

IDDA Grant

The IDDA grant provides funding and consultation for early stage drug discovery projects. This grant promotes new collaborations and/or the use of core facilities that enables translation of fundamental discoveries related to drug discovery. The IDDA proposals are reviewed by a team of experienced industry and academic experts in the MTP advisory committee as well as through ad hoc, project-specific pharmaceutical expert reviewers.  Funded projects are developed in consultation with a mentor from the MTP advisory team.

MTP Service Grant Awardees:

Mary Ann McDowell (ND), Bruce Melancon (ND); To identify novel anti-leishmanial compounds
Chang Maryland (ND), Shahriar Mobashery (ND); ND-336 for the treatment of diabetic foot ulcer
Jaipal Singh (IUSM), David Thompson (PU), Bruce Melancon (ND); Novel therapeutic approach to maximize efficacy and safety of a disease modifying drug for pulmonary arterial hypertension
Richard Taylor (ND); Evaluate the ability of GEX1A analogs to correct the rare disease, Niemann-Pick Type C, phenotype in NPC-mutant fibroblasts

IDDA Grant Awardees:

2014 IDDA Awardees
Theodore Cummins (IUSM) A high-throughput screen for analgesics
Jingwu Xie (IUSM) Targeting Gli transcriptional factors
Karen Pollok (IUSM with Maria Rizzo) Novel Inhibitor of the Microsomal Prostaglandin E Synthase-1
Julia Van Kessel (IUB) Chemical screen for inhibitors of quorum sensing
Tao Lu (IUSM) Screen for small inhibitors of protein arginine methyltransferase 5
Chang-Deng Hu (PU) Novel small molecule inhibitors targeting protein arginine methyltransferase 5
Samy Meroueh (IUPUI) Small-Molecule TEAD4-YAP Antagonists
Stanley Spinola (IUSM) Antimicrobial Signal Transduction Activators
2015 IDDA Awardees:
Joseph Irudayarj (PU), Ratliff Timothy (PU); Validate the ultrasound-triggered release of drug from oxygen nanobubbles
Suthat Lianspunsakul (IUPUI), Dong X Charlie (IUSM); Screen small molecules targeting Sestrin 3
Bradley Smith (ND), Miguel Morales (ND); Novel candidates for treating Leishmaniasis
Jenifer Prosperi (IUSM); Chemical screen for inhibitors of quorum sensing
Tao Lu (IUSM); Synthesis of small inhibitors for PRMT5 inhibitor
Charlie Dong (IUSM); Targeting SIRT6 for therapeutic development
2016 IDDA Awardees:
Samy Meroueh and Clark Wells– Small-Molecule TEAD4-YAP antagonists to block HIPPO signaling
Julia Van Kessel– Synthesis and analysis of Vibrio quorum sensing inhibitors
Samisubbu Naidu– Targeting acetate metabolism in Melanoma

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