Therapeutics Services

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Our Services include:

ADME-toxicology Studies

Tier 1 Screening assays:
Solubility assay, CYP SP inhibition assay
Metabolic assay, Ames screen

Tier II screening assays:
Permeability assay, CYP IC 50 assays, CYP3A4 TD1 Assays, Plasma Protein binding assay, Hepatocytic clearance assay, hERG (Cardiac toxicity)

Screening package:
Candidate Screening Package (Membrane Permeability and P gp Assessment, Metabolic Stability, and Rat

Tier III screening assays:
in-vivo models- Rat PK, Rat Cassette PK, Mouse PK, Mouse cassette PK, A Single Dose Oral Gavage Pilot Toxicity Study in Rats, Dose Formulation Optimization and Dose-ranging study in Beagle dogs

Custom Chemical Library Synthesis

We offer high quality and cost-effective custom library synthesis services of both large diversity libraries and focused libraries, including milligram quantities of a metabolite or several kilograms of a scaffold.

Covance/Eurofins Services:
  • PK and Toxicology services
  • Ames,
  • rat and beagle toxicology screens,
  • hERG,
  • metabolic stability,
  • rat PK
Services from Q2 Solutions:
  • In-vitro ADME services
  • solubility,
  • permeability,
  • microsomal stability,
  • logP

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