Say NO to Tobacco Today!

Say NO to Tobacco Today!

May 11, 2020

photo of hand refusing a cigarette that is being offeredWith all that is happening in our lives today, it may be overwhelming to consider putting down familiar habits. Research has demonstrated that there is increased risk with tobacco use and COVID-19. There are numerous resources to help you say NO today.

Get Support Through Your Phone

You don’t have to do this alone. Learn how to lean on people you trust. Sign up for Smoke-free TXT to get daily messages of tips, strategies, and support. Mobile Number Submit or text QUIT to 47848.  

Find an accountability partner who will be there when you are feeling stressed or tempted to use tobacco. Set up check in times to touch base and support each other.  Reach out when you are struggling.

Join a support group on social media for people who are helping each other through tough times.  You might be surprised to find out how many others are experiencing similar challenges.

Think About Your Reasons for Quitting

Remind yourself why you want to quit. Make a list or a collage of your reasons.  This list might include family, where you would rather be spending your money, activities you would like to enjoy when you are feeling healthier, events in the future you would like to make sure you can attend.  This can be a powerful motivator to keep you smoke free.  

Calculate your savings. Cigarettes are expensive!  Add up the money you’ll save and decide what to do with it. Consider how many packs a week you were buying and multiply that by 52 weeks.  For example, if you used to purchase seven packs each week at $5/pack, that is $5 per pack, 7 packs each week for 52 weeks=$1820 each year.  ($5 X 7 X 52 = $1820) What would you spend that money on if you had it?  This is a great way to stay motivated and spend time while you let a craving pass.  

Go for a walk or jog

Changing your scenery and old patterns of behavior can help change your mindset.  If you are accustomed to using tobacco products in a certain place, you may want to avoid that place and spend time somewhere else.  Keeping yourself busy with a walk or taking up running will not only keep you away from those places, it will also increase your exposure to fresh air and help you get your daily physical activity accomplished!

Find more information about Saying No to Tobacco here.

View the full infographic on the Connections IN Health Facebook page here.

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