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Imaging and Flow Cytometry Core Facility

Affiliation :  IUSM-South Bend

Core Director:   Dr. Charles R. Tessier


The Imaging and Flow Cytometry Core Facility is located at the Indiana University School of Medicine South Bend campus.

Our equipment includes:
1) Zeiss LSM 710 confocal microscope with 488nm, 561nm, 631nm laser lines and two PMT detectors,
2) Olympus FV1000 multi-photon confocal microscope with environmental chamber for long time course imaging, lasers 488nm, 543nm, 631nm, and tunable IR 700nm-1100nm, 3 confocal detectors, 1 transmitted light detector and 4 multiphoton detectors, and
3) Beckman Coulter FC500 flow cytometer with 488nm and 631nm lasers and 5 color detectors.

For usage rates, policies and availability, please contact the core director. Assisted and unassisted rates are available for each instrument. All CTSI members are considered internal and receive reduced internal rates.

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Charles Tessier
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