Tracking and Evaluation Program

Tracking and Evaluation Program2018-10-24T10:26:59-04:00
The Indiana CTSI Tracking and Evaluation Program (T&E) assists the Indiana CTSI’s program leaders and investigators with developing and implementing evaluation systems to identify and track metrics, seek input from stakeholders, and analyze results that ensure program and project impact.

We work to ensure that program benchmarks are met in a timely fashion and that Indiana CTSI as a whole is evaluated according to national guidelines.  In addition, T&E serves as an intermediary between the Indiana CTSI central office and program leaders to assess and report activitiesimpact, and areas for improvements.

Our services include:

  • Evaluation tool selection assistance
  • Assistance in evaluation plan development, metric selection, logic model development, and tracking system development
  • Social network analysis tools to track interrelationships of investigators and programs
  • Structured interview and/or focus group design, conduct, and analysis
  • Survey development, conduct, and analysis
  • Publication public access tracking and compliance assistance
  • Interpretation of tracking information

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