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WISE Indiana (Wellbeing Informed by Science and Evidence in Indiana) is a partnership between the Indiana Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute’s Monon Collaborative and the Indiana Family and Social Services Administration to engage Indiana’s nationally-recognized academic experts to evaluate and inform Indiana practices, programs and policies. This partnership aligns with and furthers the visions of both organizations by facilitating timely, high-quality evidence-informed research, evaluation and analysis to the benefit of all Hoosiers.

.bdp_blog_single_post_wrapp img { display: none; } As we approach the two-year anniversary date of the first case of COVID-19 being confirmed in the United States (January 20, 2020), WISE Indiana would like to thank each of you for your unique Read More
COVID-19 Cases Among Adolescents August means returning to school for many children. This year, many schools are attempting to return in-person, which is proving challenging with the accelerated spread of the COVID-19 Delta variant (97.6% of samples in August). Cases Read More
With yesterday being Valentine’s Day, the WISE Indiana team decided it was fitting to discuss the COVID-19 pandemic effects on the heart; both clinically and socially. COVID-19 Infection Risk with Cardiovascular Complications In this publication, the authors explored cardiovascular complications Read More
If you are experiencing thoughts of suicide, please call 1-800-273-TALK (1-800-273-8255) to get free and confidential support any time of day or night. For this blog, the WISE Indiana staff are going to take somewhat a different approach. Usually, we Read More
When making a sword, quenching meant you were hardening the steel while tempering removed a controlled amount of that rigidity or hardness to make it more flexible and resilient. COVID-19 has been the tempering process for data visualization and analytics. Read More

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