Cooking with Connections: Gnocchi

July 9, 2021

Is it pasta or a dumpling? Like the “Is a hot dog a sandwich?” debate, gnocchi often is often categorized as pasta by some and dumplings by others. Its potato flavor and light, airy texture makes it seem to be a dumpling, but others believe gnocchi has a close link with pasta because it is made with similar ingredients. So, maybe we’ll just call it gnocchi for now?

First, let’s break down the word. Gnocchi comes from the Italian word “nocca”, which means “knuckle”. This name refers to its shape after rolling the dough over a fork or textured wood board (as seen in the featured photo). It is primarily made from potatoes (main ingredient), flour, and eggs, and very high in carbohydrates. The potatoes give the gnocchi a distinct flavor that differs from pasta.

Why should I eat gnocchi? Gnocchi can be a great addition to meals. It works in soups, as a substitute for other types of pasta, skillet dishes, and much more. To start off, try this chicken and vegetable gnocchi soup!  Many overlook adding gnocchi to a meal because it is not a well-known food and doesn’t seem as healthy as other alternatives, such as pasta. However, since gnocchi has less flour, it tends to be easier for many to eat if they have adopted a gluten-free or low-gluten diet for underlying health conditions. They are also higher in fiber, allowing you to feel fuller longer.

Gnocchi is also very affordable and can create many cost-effective meals. At only $1.25 per serving, you can save money by making your own gnocchi and adding it to your weekly meals. Gnocchi is typically much simpler to make than pasta, so don’t be scared to give it a shot! Check out this video our intern Skylar created for a step-by-step of the following recipe for gnocchi. 

Gnocchi Recipe
Serves: 4
Cooking Time: 30 minutes

• 1 cup mashed potatoes (instant, or homemade)
• 1 egg
• 2 cups of flour

1. Prepare instant mashed potatoes as directed or prepare homemade by peeling, chopping, and boiling potatoes until soft. Mash without adding any other ingredients.
2. Combine mashed potatoes, flour, and egg together. Start with a utensil and then lightly knead with your hands until fully combined.
3. Take a section from the dough, roll it out to make a ‘snake,’ and cut into bite sized pieces. When all the dough has been rolled and cut, lightly roll it over fork (if desired) and boil in salted water for about 3 minutes, or until the gnocchi rise to the top.
4. To save gnocchi for later, skip the boiling process and freeze on a sheet pan (to avoid the gnocchi sticking together) then put it in a plastic freezer bag and keep frozen for up to 3 months.

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