Did you know?

Did you know?

October 26, 2020

Did you know that….

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  • Indiana has the 15th highest adult obesity rate in the U.S. at 31.3%.
  • Cases of obesity-related health issues continue to increase and will affect the majority of Hoosiers by 2030.
  • In Indiana, a child living in a low-income neighborhood is 20-60% more likely to be obese than their peers, and often they do not have access to healthier food retail options.
  • Low-income Hoosiers are more susceptible to food insecurity and obesity.
  • In Indiana, 15.4% of households and 21.8% of children are food insecure, meaning that at some point during the year, they had difficulty providing enough food for their families due to a lack of resources.

Part of being a well-rounded and engaged citizen is understanding the health landscape of your community. Thanks to Purdue University Extension, this task just got a little easier. Their newly published health statistics and food program data allow all Hoosiers to learn more about the health landscape of their county as well as the state as a whole.

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