Review: National coronavirus response: A road map to reopening

Review: National coronavirus response: A road map to reopening

This expert-authored report lays out multi-tiered path out from sheltering-in-place through recovery to reinforcing our response infrastructure.

When will it be ok to begin loosening the stay-at-home restrictions currently in place, and when will things get back to normal? A new report from the American Enterprise Institute authored by former FDA head Scott Gottlieb and several leading public health experts offers a well-structured, science-grounded, four phase process to help the country navigate through the epidemic and bolster our preparedness for future emergencies.

The country currently is in Phase 1, in which we use measures like social distancing and hand washing to slow the spread and break the transmission chain. Phase 2: Reopen, State by State, would be marked by slightly more openness. It would occur once states “are able to safely diagnose, treat, and isolate COVID-19 cases and their contact.” Large gatherings would still need to be limited, people would be encouraged to wear masks in public, and self-distancing measures would need to continue. Phase 3 would be met when we can provide the public with safe and effective therapies, widespread screening, broad based surveillance, and a vaccine. Once these protections are in place, restrictions could be lifted. Phase 4 would involve rebuilding our public health and emergency response infrastructure “to ensure that we are never again unprepared to face a new infectious disease threat.”

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