2020 Annual Meeting Details

2021 Annual Meeting Details2023-07-18T10:24:04-04:00
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We’d like to invite you to attend the 2021 Indiana CTSI Annual Meeting: Preventing the Smoldering Pandemic of Obesity and the Metabolic Syndrome. The event will be held virtually on Friday, September 24.

 8:45 AM    9:00 AM   Log in to Attendify via computer or mobile – visit the activity stream to chat with others
 9:00 AM      9:15 AM   Welcome
Indiana CTSI Co-Directors Sharon Moe, MD, and Sarah Wiehe, MD, MPH
 9:15 AM  10:00 AM   Presentation of 2021 August M. Watanabe Prize in Translational Research and Keynote Address: Probing the Human Kallikrein-Kinin System: a case study in Clinical/Translational Research
Watanabe Awardee: Nancy J. Brown, MD, Dean, Yale Medical School
Introduction by: Jay L. Hess, MD, PhD, MHSA, Dean, Indiana University School of Medicine
10:00 AM  10:15 AM   Live Audience Q & A
Nancy J. Brown, MD, Dean, Yale Medical School
10:15 AM  11:15 AM   Research Poster Presentations and Publication of a High-Impact Paper using a Research Service Core
10:17 AM 10:25 AM   Conner Earl, TL1 Predoctoral Trainee, Purdue University, Four-Dimensional Strain Characterization of Cardiomyopathy in Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy from Cardiac Magnetic Resonance Imaging
10:27 AM 10:35 AM   Josiah Davidson, TL1 Predoctoral Trainee, Purdue University, Development of paper-based, point-of-care respiratory diagnostics
10:37 AM  10:45 AM   Season Johnson, TL1 Postdoctoral Trainee, IU School of Medicine, MR1/MAIT cell axis in human and experimental models of Alzheimer’s Disease
10:47 AM  10:55 AM   Jamie Felton, MD, KL2 Scholar, Assistant Professor of Clinical Pediatrics, Cellular Metabolic Reprogramming Precedes Islet Autoimmunity in Type 1 Diabetes
10:57 AM  11:05 AM   Matthew Hume, MA, Indiana CTSI-affiliated Investigator, Department of English, IUPUI, Determining the Power of the CoMac Descriptor™ in Predicting Behavioral Intervention Choices among the Gestational Diabetes Population
11:07 AM  11:15 AM   Siyuan Zhang, PhD, Associate Professor, Department of Biological Sciences, University of Notre Dame, Use of the Genomics and Bioinformatics Core Facility to publish CNS-Native Myeloid Cells Drive Immune Suppression in the Brain Metastatic Niche through Cxcl10 in Cell
11:15 AM  12:00 PM   Lunch Break and Virtual Research Rally
12:00 PM   1:00 PM   Attend Poster Sessions and Virtual Research Rally
 1:00 PM   1:30 PM   Person-to-Person Health Interview Study Findings; Obesity Disproportionality Affecting Minorities
Stephen Carter, PhD, Assistant Professor, Indiana University Bloomington School of Public Health
 1:30 PM   2:00 PM   Dysfunction of the Circadian Clock that Underlies Several Disease States, including Obesity and Diabetes
Giles Duffield, PhD, Associate Professor Biological Sciences, University of Notre Dame
 2:00 PM   2:30 PM   Indiana CTSI and State Department of Health Community Coalitions’ Approach to Prevention and Treatment of Obesity and the Metabolic Syndrome
Dennis Savaiano, PhD, Director of the Connections IN Health/Indiana State Department of Health Coalition Development Program, Purdue University
Lily Darbishire, MPH, RDN, PhD Candidate, Department of Nutrition Science, Purdue University
 2:30 PM   3:00 PM   Shoulder-to-Shoulder Against The Menace of Diabetic Ulcer
Chandan Sen, PhD, IU Distinguished Professor, Associate Dean for Entrepreneurship, Indiana University School of Medicine, and Executive Director, Indiana University Health Comprehensive Wound Center
 3:00 PM  3:20 PM   Future of Science in the Metabolic Syndrome
Nancy J. Brown, MD, Dean, Yale Medical School
 3:20 PM  3:30 PM   Closing Remarks
Sharon Moe, MD, and Sarah Wiehe, MD, MPH, Co-Directors, Indiana CTSI

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