Bindley Bioscience Center

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Bindley Bioscience Center

Bindley Bioscience Center

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Purdue Discovery Park

Associate Director of Operations:

Natasha Nikolaidis


Ramaswamy Subramanian, Ph D.


Bindley provides a unique infrastructure to support interdisciplinary research. Laboratory space and scientific equipment is shared and available to support diverse projects, along with multiple core facilities. An expert staff provides research consultation and technical support for complex projects.

  • Biomolecular technologies (proteomics, genomics, metabolomics, and lipidomics)

  • Imaging and cytomics, including high-speed cell sorting, cell analysis, and live cell and animal imaging

  • Gene editing and transgenic services

  • In vivo early drug discovery and implantable device testing (DMPK, toxicology, bioavailability, surgical models)

  • Bioinformatics and statistical support for complex data and systems biology approaches

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