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SNRI Biomarker Core

SNRI Biomarker Core

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Indiana University School of Medicine Stark Neurosciences Research Institute


Bruce Lamb


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Fully automated and easy-to-use, the nCounter MAX Analysis System provides everything you need to complete your projects in record time. Faster and highly multiplexed than qPCR and simpler than NGS, the nCounter MAX allows for digital examination of multiple pathways from a single tube in an extraction-free workflow requiring only 15 minutes of hands-on time. Accelerate your research by spending less time on sample prep and perform your own data analysis using the included nSolver Analysis Software.

The nanoString nCounter Analysis system utilizes a novel fluorescent color-coded molecular barcode technology coupled with single molecule imaging to perform digital nucleic acid (RNA and DNA) counting. This technology enables investigators to profile hundreds of targets simultaneously, up to 800 mRNA or miRNA targets in a single reaction for many kits.

System highlights and applications:
• Multiplex up to 800 hundred targets in a single reaction (certain assays)
• Minimal/No amplification or enzymatic reactions
• Utilize small sample quantities (100 ng RNA, 300 ng gDNA), contact D.J. Doss for specific kit requirements
• Diverse and difficult sample types: blood, tissue and FFPE derived samples, ChIP DNA
• High sensitivity and reproducibility
• Fast turnaround, sometimes as little as 4 working days

RNA applications include:
• Targeted analysis of complex gene expression networks
• Characterization of gene fusions and splice variants
• miRNA expression analysis
• miRGE analysis (miRNA and mRNA at the same time)
• LncRNA expression analysis (custom order)

DNA applications include:
• Validation of Illumina NGS data
• Copy number variation analysis
• ChIP screening (ChIP-String)

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