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Chemical Genomics Core Facility

Affiliation :  Department of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, IU School of Medicine

Director:   Michael Weiss, MD, PhD
Director of Chemistry and Informatics:   Lifan Zeng, Ph D.
Director of High Throughput Screening:   Jingwei Meng, Ph D.


Chemical Genomics Core Facility is located within Van Nuys Medical Science Building, IUSM. Equipped with a collection of 227,680 diversity-oriented, drug-like, and natural small molecules in 9 non-redundant libraries, a variety of automated liquid handling and assay detection systems such as EnVision Multiplate reader and ArrayScan HCA System, modern equipment for medicinal and analytical chemistry including NMR, LC-QTOF MS, HPLC, Peptide Synthesizer, and sophisticated chemoinformatics tools.

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