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Chemical Genomics Core Facility

Director:   Michael Weiss, MD, PhD
Director of Chemistry and Informatics:   Lifan Zeng, Ph D.
Director of High Throughput Screening:   Jingwei Meng, Ph D.


Chemical Genomics Core Facility is located within Van Nuys Medical Science Building, IUSM. Equipped with a collection of 227,680 diversity-oriented, drug-like, and natural small molecules in 9 non-redundant libraries, a variety of automated liquid handling and assay detection systems such as EnVision Multiplate reader and ArrayScan HCA System, modern equipment for medicinal and analytical chemistry including NMR, LC-QTOF MS, HPLC, Peptide Synthesizer, and sophisticated chemoinformatics tools.

Policies: Services Offered:
  • The Core aims to provide sophisticated high-throughput screening, high content analysis, small molecule inhibitor design and synthesis, characterization, structural elucidation, qualification and quantification from small molecule to large protein to Indiana University investigators and industrial researchers as well.
  • For collaboration, please contact Dr. Thomas Hurley at
  • For Small molecule design and synthesis, Characterization from small molecule to large protein, Consultation on structural analysis and Cheminformatics, please contact Dr. Lifan Zeng at
  • For high-throughput screening and high content analysis, please contact Dr. Jingwei Meng at
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