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Center for Proteome Analysis

Center for Proteome Analysis

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Affiliation :  IU-Indianapolis

Director:   Amber L. Mosley, Ph.D.
Assistant Director:   Emma Doud, PhD


The IUSM Center for Proteome Analysis provides numerous types of mass-spectrometry (MS) based proteomics services and associated bioinformatics including: global proteome quantitation, affinity purification-MS, targeted MS for precise quantitation, post-translational modification analysis, and experimental design services. We also support thermal proteome profiling (TPP) and cellular thermal shift assay (CETSA) type experiments at the design, bench, and bioinformatics levels.

Policies: Services Offered:
  • Protein identification from gel band, immunoprecipitation, and affinity purification
  • Deep global proteome analysis
  • Phosphoproteome and other post translational modification analyses
  • Thermal Proteome Profiling (TPP)
  • Tandem Mass Tag (TMT), SILAC, or label free quantitation
  • Data analysis, publication support, support for experimental design and grant submission
Contact Information:
Amber Mosley
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