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Flow Cytometry Resource Facility

Director:   Edward Srour, Ph D.

Website:  http://www.cancer.iu.edu/research-trials/facilities/flow-cytometry/index.shtml

The Flow Cytometry Facility provides essential and varied flow cytometric services to many IU Simon Cancer Center members at a reduced rate. The facility provides consultation, technical advice and collaboration, thus, promoting cutting-edge science and serving as a central common area for IU Simon Cancer Center investigators to interact and exchange scientific information.

The Flow Cytometry Facility is part of the Cell & Molecular Analysis Facility (CMAF) SuperCore.

Policies: Services Offered:
  • Multiparameter (4, 5, or 6-color) immunofluorescence analysis and cell sorting
  • DNA content and cell cycle analysis
  • Simultaneous immunofluorescence and cell cycle analysis
  • Single cell sorting
  • Cell sorting (bulk or single cells) based on position of cells in cell cycle
  • Apoptosis analysis (Annexin V/PI, Caspase, TUNEL, and other assays
  • BrdU incorporation
  • Viability assays
  • Chromosome analysis (univariate and bivariate)
  • Receptor – ligand interactions
  • Kinetic analysis
  • Off-line data analysis
  • Hi-throughput Flow Cytometry
Categories for this Core: Keywords for this Core:
flow cytometry, multicolor flow, cytometric analysis, cell sorting, dna content, multiparameter, immunofluorescence, cell cycle, apoptosis, annexin, caspase, tunel, brdu, chromosome, analysis, receptor-ligand, kinetic

Contact Information:
Edward Srour, Ph D.
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(317) 274-3589

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