Flow Cytometry Resource Facility (FCRF)

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Flow Cytometry Resource Facility (FCRF)

Flow Cytometry Resource Facility (FCRF)

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IU Simon Comprehensive Cancer Center


Baohua Zhou, Ph.D.


Kim Stoner


The Flow Cytometry Resource Facility (FCRF) provides flow cytometric analysis and cell sorting services as well as flow cytometric image analysis. FCRF offers consultation, technical advice, experimental design assistance, and data interpretation services to promote use of state-of-the-art technologies and cutting-edge science. Four full-time employees who are well-qualified operators with extensive training and experience provide these services. The FCRF houses 3 flow cytometric analyzers, a Cytek Aurora Spectral Flow Cytometer, 3 sorters (up to 18 parameters), and an Amnis ImageStreamx Mk II Imaging Flow Cytometer.

  • Multiparameter (4, 5, or 6-color) immunofluorescence analysis and cell sorting

  • Multispectral Imaging Flow Cytometer

  • DNA content and cell cycle analysis

  • Apoptosis analysis (Annexin V/PI, Caspase, TUNEL and other assays)

  • Chromosome analysis (univariate and bivariate)

  • Receptor-ligand interactions

  • Kinetic analyses

  • Off-line data analysis

  • Consultation to assist in study design and optimization

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