Indiana Center for Biological Microscopy (ICBM)

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Indiana Center for Biological Microscopy (ICBM)

Indiana Center for Biological Microscopy (ICBM)


Indiana University School of Medicine


Kenneth Dunn, Ph D.


The Indiana Center for Biological Microscopy is a unique microscopy core facility, providing investigators with effective access to a variety of advanced microscopy techniques. The Center is equipped with three laser-scanning confocal microscopes supporting high-resolution 3D imaging of cells and tissues, a spinning disk/epifluorescence microscope for extended studies of living cells and tissues, a selective plane illumination microscope ideal for 3D microscopy of embryos and tissue organoids and imaging workstations for quantitative 2D and 3D image analysis. In addition to conventional techniques, these systems support advanced approaches such as fluorescence lifetime microscopy (FLIM), fluorescence correlation microscopy (FCS), spectral imaging and fluorescence resonance energy transfer (FRET) studies. Effective application of these techniques is ensured by thorough training and ongoing support provided by a full-time staff of expert imaging scientists. Depending upon the needs of the investigator, Center staff is available to provide guidance on the design, conduct and interpretation of imaging studies or, as necessary, to conduct complete studies. The Center is a core resource for three NIH Centers – the Indiana O’Brien Center for Advanced Renal Research, the IUSM Cooperative Hematology Specialized Core Center and the Indiana Center for Diabetes and Metabolic Diseases. In this capacity, the Center is actively developing methods of intravital microscopy of the kidney, liver, bone marrow and pancreas. As a consequence, the ICBM is able to offer investigators with unique capabilities for intravital microscopy, supported by experienced investigators, three multiphoton microscopes and complete facilities for surgical preparation and physiological monitoring of experimental rats and mice.

  • Hands-on access and training in the use of state-of-the-art confocal, multiphoton and epifluorescence microscopes

  • Access to digital image analysis workstations and training in two and three-dimensional image analysis

  • Expert consultation on design, conduct and analysis of imaging studies

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