Biospecimen Management Core (CTSL/SSF)

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Biospecimen Management Core (CTSL/SSF)

Biospecimen Management Core (CTSL/SSF)

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IU Indianapolis

CTSL Director:

Dr. Jill Reiter

SSF Director and CTSL Operations Manager:

Robert Orr

Storage Facility Manager:

Jenna York


The CTSI Biospecimen Management Core consists of the Specimen Storage Facility and the Clinical and Translational Support Laboratory, which together offer cost-efficient processing & storage services with a focus on consistent quality and sample integrity.

The Specimen Storage Facility (SSF) currently maintains four mechanical freezer storage sites and two LN2 freezer storage sites. Both investigator and SSF-owned freezers are monitored and maintained by SSF staff 24/7 to virtually eliminate specimen loss due to freezer failures. Quality is maintained via our contracted independent QA oversight and guidance. Our facility and procedures are ISBER compliant (International Society for Biological and Environmental Repositories).

The Clinical and Translational Support Laboratory (CTSL) provides SOP-driven, protocol-specific processing and shipping services for studies collecting human derived research specimens. The highest levels of quality and consistency are assured due to our voluntary compliance to GCPs and GLPs along with independent QA oversight.

  • Specimen Processing
    – Sample Processing – basic processing/preparation of samples for future analysis performed to protocol specific requirements
    – DNA Extraction Services – via manual method
    – Shipping Services – staff trained and certified for shipping exempt/Category B specimens (IATA/DOT/EHS compliant training)
    – Protocol Support and Setup – including consultation, sample collection kit preparation, label design, and printing, etc

  • Storage
    – Short and Long-Term Storage of Samples– mechanical freezers; liquid nitrogen
    – PI Owned Freezer Storage and Maintenance – worry-free freezer monitoring and maintenance program
    – LN2/Dry Ice Supply – cost effective source for critical storage/shipping coolants

  • Robert Orr (CTSL) / Jenna York (SSF) : 317-944-9726 (CTSL) / 317-274-22
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