Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Core Facility

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Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Core Facility

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Core Facility

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Purdue University – Department of Industrial and Physical Pharmacy


Qi (Tony) Zhou, Ph D.


Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Core Facility provides support and capabilities for a wide range of research in pharmaceutical development and manufacturing. Technical support for the Facility is provided by the faculty of Industrial and Physical Pharmacy who have extensive pharmaceutical manufacturing experience in both industrial and academic environments.

  • We have an extensive range of capabilities covering the entire spectrum of pharmaceutical manufacturing, including research on single unit operations and formulation development. * Mixing/blending o V-blenders (2) o Tote Bin Blender * Granulation o Diosna High Shear Wet Granulator o Hobart Low Shear Granulator o Fitzpatrick Roller Compactor * Drying o Tray o Glatt Fluid Bed * Extrusion o Friji Dome Granulator o Friji Spheronizer * Milling o Ball Mill o Comil o Fitzpatric Mill o Stokes Mill (M5 and D6) * Capsule filling * Tableting o Carver Presses (Manual and Automated) o Stokes B2 Tablet Press and Tooling o Korsch Tablet Press * Coating o Accela Cota * Quality Control o Tablet hardness o Friability o Faraday Pail o Kaiser HoloLab 5000 Raman o Cary UV Spectrophotometer o Hosokawa Powder Tester o CDI NIR Spectrometer o Tap Density Tester o Shimadzu PXRD 6000 o DSC o TGA o DEA o VTI Vapor Sorption o NMR o Van Kel Dissolution Unit (2) o FT-IR o Disintegration Tester o Micromeritics ASAP 2010 Surface Area Analyzer o Sieve Analysis

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