Life Science Microscopy Facility

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Life Science Microscopy Facility

Life Science Microscopy Facility

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The Life Science Microscopy Facility (LSMF) is an electron microscopy core with both service and individual use options. Equipment includes field-emission SEMs equipped with cryo, EDX, low vacuum, and tensile stage. Also available are TEMs, routine and cryo sample preparation instrumentation, and other support equipment. The facility has a Volumescope SEM to enable serial block face imaging for 3D reconstruction.

  • Scanning Electron Microscopy utilizing 2 field-emission SEMs equipped with cryo stage, EDX (SiLi and SDD system technology), low vacuum, environmental imaging (ESEM), and tensile stage.

  • Transmission electron microscopy with routine sample preparation, microwave assisted preparation, cryo preparation (High Pressure Freeze and Freeze-substitution) and TEM elemental analysis using Silicon Drift X-ray technology.

  • SEM dual beam with gallium ion beam to ablate areas of the sample (resin embedded or cryo) and electron column to image revealed surfaces. This technique permits serial imaging of selected areas on the nanometer and micron scale.

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