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Tissue Procurement and Distribution Core

Affiliation :  IU Simon Cancer Center

Director:   Dr. Oscar Cummings
Assoc. Director of Clinical Research:   Dr. Kathy Miller
Assistant Director:   Dr. George Sandusky
Assistant Director:   Dr. Attaya Suvannasankha

Website:  http://www.cancer.iu.edu/research-trials/facilities/tissue/index.shtml

The IUSCC Tissue Procurement and Distribution Core provides human tissue from solid tumors and hematological malignancies to investigators for discovery research focused on new drug targets, biomarkers, development of cancer cell lines, and DNA and RNA interrogation. Specimens with confirmed histology and diagnosis are available from surgery within 90 minutes post-excision from a large variety of cancers. Normal adjacent tissue, metastatic tissue and archival blocks are also available.

Policies: Contact Information:
Mary Cox, Biorepository Operations Manager
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