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Tissue Procurement and Distribution Core

Tissue Procurement and Distribution Core

Affiliation :  IU Simon Cancer Center

Director:   Dr. Anna Maria Storniolo
Assoc. Director of Clinical Research:   Dr. Kathy Miller
Assistant Director:   Dr. George Sandusky
Assistant Director:   Dr. Attaya Suvannasankha


The IUSCCC Tissue Procurement and Distribution Core collects, processes and stores surgical tissue, blood and bone marrow aspirate from patients with cancer to be used by researchers for the examination of relevant cellular and molecular properties in preclinical drug development assays. The core contains cancer samples, cancer samples with normal and normal adjacent controls and a limited amount of normal samples. To request services and samples from the core, complete a sample request form which can be found at A price list is also available under the Services tab at All requests are reviewed for scientific merit and content.

Policies: Services Offered:
  • Collection and storage of human specimens from multiple IU Health hospital sites
  • Distribution of fresh, frozen, and formalin fixed paraffin-embedded tissue
  • Distribution of whole blood, plasma, serum and cellular (MNC/DNA) components
  • Distribution of bone marrow aspirate and core biopsies
  • Slide preparation: H&E stained or unstained
  • Tissue microarray preparation
  • Collection of defined clinical information
  • Assistance with approved PI initiated sample collections
  • Retrieve and distributed archived tissue requests for interventional clinical trials
Contact Information:
Pam Rockey
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