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Multiplex Analysis Core (MAC)

Director:   Christie M. Orschell, Ph. D


The Multiplex Analysis Core (MAC) offers microplate-based bioassay systems that can perform multiplex analysis of multiple different analytes in a single sample. Multiplex systems are faster, more efficient, and use less sample volume than other technologies such as ELISA and Western Blot. Off-the-shelf kits are available to detect analytes such as chemokines, cytokines, hormones, cell signaling molecules, phosphoproteins, or nucleic acids in areas such as inflammation, metabolism, cardiovascular disease, oncology, immunology, etc. Custom kits designed by the investigator are also a possibility.

The MAC uses a Bio-Plex 200 bead-based suspension system (Luminex platform) for analyte quantitation in the picogram level. Immunoassay kits are available for human, mouse, bovine, canine, porcine, rat, and primate.

The MAC is located at R3-C335 (Walther Hall), 980 W. Walnut St., Indianapolis, IN.

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