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Purdue Translational Pharmacology (PTP)

Affiliation :  Purdue

Director:   Gregory Knipp, Ph.D.
Manager:   Robyn McCain, BS, LATg

Website:  http://purdue.edu/discoverypark/bioscience/facilities/core/pharmacology/index.php

The Purdue Translational Pharmacology (PTP) CTSI Core offers automated blood monitoring in rodents and large animals (e.g., domestic swine and minipig) utilizing stress free sampling offered through the CulexTM technology (BASi, West Lafayette, IN). We perform a host of services from early lead identification pharmacokinetic (PK) and pharmacodynamic (PD) assessment through product testing of human formulations in pigs and minipigs. We assist in performing preclinical formulation development, biodistribution studies, metabolomics analysis, and perform selected in vivo toxicological evaluation. In each case, we will assist in study design and offer the potential to work under amendments to our animal protocols. The rodent Culex models are traditionally utilized throughout the pharmaceutical industry for PK/PD studies in support of preclinical IND research. The preprogrammed automated blood sampling device not only reduces sampling stress, but also reduces sampling error introduced by variations in collection time. Numerous studies have been published demonstrating their utility in the field. More recently, research utilizing minipigs has led to their recommendation as the preferred safety pharmacology model over dogs in Europe (J Pharmacol Toxicol Meth, December 2010, European RETHINK Study Summary). Studies through the PTP have demonstrated that domestic swine may be superior to dogs for PK testing. We are The Only Center that offers public and private access to testing using the Culex-L-PigTurns for stress free PK/PD in minipigs and swine. We have conducted numerous studies supported by public, private and FDA funding. We invite you to inquire about the use of our facilities for your research needs.

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Gregory Knipp, Ph.D.
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