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Light Microscopy Imaging Center (LMIC)

Affiliation :  IU Bloomington

Director:   Sidney Shaw
Manager:   Jim Powers



  • To provide state of the art light microscopy for the IU and CTSI research communities
  • To promote the development of researchers that are knowledgeable and productive with the use of light microscopes.

Facility and Equipment:

  • Microscopes available include Nikon NIE widefield, Applied Precision Personal Deltavision deconvolution , Leica SP5, Leica SP8 and Nikon A1 laser scanning confocal microscopes, GE Life Sciences OMX Super-Resolution microscope, Olympus OSR spinning disk confocal microscope, TIRF imaging on the Nikon A1 confocal, FLIM on the Leica SP8, Veritas Microdissection system, Leica Fluorescence Stereo Microscope
  • Image processing and analysis workstations and software
  • Wet bench for sample preparation
  • 24 hour access available

Policies: Contact Information:
Jim Powers
Email This Core
(812) 856-1734

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