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Cryo-EM Facility

Cryo-EM Facility

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Affiliation :  Purdue University

Director:   Dr. Wen Jiang
Director:   Thomas Klose


The Purdue Cryo-EM Facility provides state-of-the-art instruments (FEI Titan Krios with Gatan K3 direct electron detector, FEI Volta phase plate) and expertise for high resolution structure determination of viruses, larger macromolecular complexes, nano-particles, as well as tomographic visualization of virus-cell interactions by cryo-electron microscopy (cryo-EM). The facility staff can provide complete service from sample grid preparation to automated data collection.

Policies: Services Offered:
  • High-resolution single particle cryo-EM imaging (viruses; macromolecular complexes; nano-particles)
  • High-resolution cryo-electron tomographic imaging (pleomorphic viruses; virus/host interactions; cell sections)
Contact Information:
Thomas Klose
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