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Regenstrief Data Core

Director:   Timothy Imler
Manager, Data Core Services:   Faye Smith
Program Manager, Data Core Services:   Katie Allen
Assistant Manager:   Anna Roberts


The Regenstrief Institute Data Core, under the leadership of Dr. Timothy Imler MD, MS, provides services and resources through the CTSI Informatics and Data Analysis Core (CIDAC) to assist investigators with research utilizing the Indiana Network for Patient Care (INPC).

Completeness of data varies across each INPC institution and approval to use individual institutions’ data may be required.

The Indiana CTSI and Regenstrief Institute cooperate to provide a limited amount of funding to support the data infrastructure to assist with developing grant proposals, feasibility assessments, and unfunded studies. Remaining Data Core expense is offset by awarded grants, contracts, and other external funding.

Policies: Services Offered:
  • feasibility preparatory to research
  • assistance with subject recruitment and management
  • subject descriptive clinical and demographic data
  • study clinical outcomes
  • protocol compliance and guidance in regard to data security
Keywords for this Core:
feasibility assessment, subject recruitment, subject management, research, demographic data, clinical outcomes, data security, protocol compliance, study planning, study implementation, grant proposal development

Contact Information:
Cindy Majors, Administrative Assistant
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