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CISAB Mechanisms of Behavior Laboratory

Affiliation :  IU-Bloomington

Director:   David Sinkiewicz


The Center for the Integrative Study of Animal Behavior (CISAB) at IU Bloomington strives to promote interdisciplinary research and academic interactions between faculty members, researchers, and students at IU who study animal behavior from diverse perspectives, including biology, psychology, neuroscience, and biological anthropology. As a key part of that mission, the CISAB Mechanisms of Behavior Lab provides individualized training, consultation, services, equipment and bench space, with special focus on services valuable to CISAB-affiliated researchers. While some lab users primarily utilize specialized shared-use equipment and wet lab space found in the CISAB Mechanisms of Behavior lab, others conduct a wide variety of billable procedures that the Lab supports, with costs billed on a per-sample or per-plate basis. Currently supported techniques include hormone extraction, enzyme immunoassay (EIA/ELISA), nucleic acid extraction (including automated), PCR, gel electrophoresis, quantitative PCR preparation, and automated 8-channel pipetting.

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David Sinkiewicz
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