3D Bioprinting Core at IUSM/IUPUI (3DBPC)

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3D Bioprinting Core at IUSM/IUPUI (3DBPC)

Director, 3D Bioprinter Core:   Lester Smith, Ph.D.

Website:  http://bioprint.iupui.edu/

3D Bioprinting is a form of automated tissue engineering which produces cell-based structures useful for a variety of in vitro and in vivo applications. Our Core has been created around a leading-edge technology, called ‘scaffold-free bioprinting’ (one which does not need biomaterials as cell scaffolds). The Core is equipped with the “Bio 3D Printer Regenova” the most advanced instrument of this type in the world, and the first installed in USA in an academic institution. In addition, our users have access to the automated microscopy platform IncuCyte ZOOM which, besides other specialized cellular assays, performs analysis and optimization of cellular spheroids, the building blocks needed for the operation of the Regenova robot. Our Core provides training, as well as qualified assistance for all steps of the bioprinting process. We also help the users identify the best solutions for their research needs. By connecting the users with other specialized cores, we help them with imaging of the constructs and with other forms of analysis. For those interested, we may facilitate access to ‘scaffold-dependent’ bioprinting as well. We work with the users to implement this new technology in grant proposals and assist them to prepare the data for publication. We also have regular Core meetings, structured as an informative journal club and/or topic-oriented discussions, both for the newly initiated and for the experienced users.

Policies: Keywords for this Core:
bioprinting, biofabrication, tissue engineering, spheroids, modular assembling, cellular models, stem cells, drug assays, toxicology, implants, tissue grafts

Contact Information:
Lester Smith
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