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3D Bioprinting Core (3DBPC)

Affiliation :  IU School of Medicine

Director, 3D Bioprinter Core:   Lester Smith, Ph.D.

Website:  http://bioprint.iupui.edu/

The 3D Bioprinting Core features the state-of-the-art Regenova Bio 3D Printer and the innovative FABRICA bioreactor platform. With the Regenova, we provide bioprinting services to generate 3D tissue models for biomedical research. We have successfully generated several models including liver and bone. These tissues are comprised only of the bioprinted cells and the extracellular matrix they generate, much like natural tissues. The FABRICA is an ultrasonically- and computationally-characterized bioreactor platform capable of perfusing bioprinted tissues with blood or cell culture media at user-specified flow rates.

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Lester Smith, Ph.D.
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