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Chemical Genomics Facility (CGF)

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Affiliation :  Purdue University

Director:   Zhong-Yin Zhang, PhD.
Manager:   Lan Chen, PhD.


The Chemical Genomics Facility (CGF) is an official CTSI core that is affiliated with Purdue Institute for Drug Discovery. We provide expertise and resources for investigators from Purdue and other institutions to access to the state-of-art technologies and instrumentation enabling high-throughput approaches (HTS and HCS) for functional genomics and chemical biology studies to facilitate drug discovery. Our experienced facility staff work closely with each investigator and provide services through all stages of the lead discovery process, including consultation, assay implementation, chemical libraries, screen automation and data processing. We also provide instruments that helps with hit validation using various biophysical approaches. The facility is designed to be highly flexible in order to meet the needs of multiple users employing a range of assays from a wide range of disciplines.

Policies: Services Offered:
  • Assay implementation and optimization of various biochemical assays of enzyme activity, protein-protein interaction and cell-based reporter gene assays and phenotypic assays
  • Chemical libraries of over 500,000 compounds categorized into diversity-based, targeted, natural products, known drugs, bioactives, fragments libraries
  • siRNA libraries of human kinase and phosphatase, and arrayed human genome CRISPR library
  • Robotic equipment such as liquid handling workstations, dispensers, plate readers, high content imaging system etc.
  • Hit validation using Isothermal Titration Calorimetry (ITC), MicroScale thermophoresis (MST), thermal shift assay (TSA), and Functional Drug Screen System (FDSS) mCell for ion channel, GPCR Ca2+ assays
Contact Information:
Dr. Lan Chen
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